An initiative taken by the Geek Alums, Geek X Talks, is targeted for any science-technology enthusiasts. There is no wealth like knowledge. Sharing this knowledge, both technical and non-technical incorporated with a fun and interactive session is the main objective of the initiative. Pretty much like the Narnian Wardrobe, the IT industry is a place with new developments every day. The IT industry has no dearth of people with experience and massive potentials. To stand out from these people is considered to be an achievement. For this reason, the event is a hand put forward by the Alumni to help their Juniors succeed with the minor obstacles by sharing their own experiences and stories and discussing the trends, facts and figures related to the present scenarios in the tech world that many of us are unaware of.

A talk series envisioned to induce awareness in Science and Technology.

Code Of Conduct

Geek-X-Talk - A technical talk series envisioned to induce awareness in Science and Technology and collaborating with Alumni for shared learning.

The importance of shared learning is the primary objective of conducting this talk series. We not only want to make this a technical knowledge enriching experience but also fun and interactive for overall development. The importance of sharing and growing is only sustainable with the expectation that each domain of participants – Organizers, presenters and audience shall maintain reverence and courteous behavior towards one another, throughout the whole event.


Therefore, every domain of such participants involved in coordinating the talk series shall be subjected to the following “Code of Conduct”. The same shall be enforced strictly on every episode of this talk series. The participants can reach us personally on the venue or e-mail us directly at should they have any questions or concerns.


  • Geekonix in association with the Geekonix Alumni Association coordinates the Geek-X-Talk which is targeted for any science-technology enthusiast audience irrespective of gender, race, religion, physical disability, sexual orientation. The talks are conducted in academic institutional venue; hence any kind of un-social/un-academic attention shall not be accepted.
  • The participants – Speakers, organizers, fellow audience are highly educated individuals who are coming together for knowledge sharing experience. Hence, we expect professional courtesy and respect towards fellow participant’s views.
  • Inappropriate use of language or activities are strictly prohibited.
  • Recording the event on any digital capturing device is allowed as long as it does not hinder the uninterrupted proceeding of the talk.
  • The talk primarily is targeted for the audience solely comprising of Students of Techno India, Salt Lake (Kolkata) or any alumni such. Guests are allowed with prior permissions from the organizers.
  • Behave professionally. Remember that harassment and sexist, racist, or exclusionary jokes are not appropriate.
  • Failing to oblige by any of the above shall result in immediate removal from participation in this event or permanently barring from this series. Request for re-entry shall require approvals from the organizers on later date.


Thank you for helping make this a welcoming, friendly event for all.


Geek-X-Talk  Episode-02







"Internet-Of-Things and it's applications"


Venue : Techno India, Salt Lake

Date :  24th Dec,2016



Geek-X-Talk  Episode-01

The majority support EDGE gets is from our very own Geek Alums. Like always, they came forward to help their juniors, yet again. A new interactive session was introduced and arranged for the students of Techno India called Geek X Talk. An initiative taken by the Geek Alums, who have been our constant support throughout the years, caught the attention of many. The Geek Alums who had conducted the 1st ever session of the Geek X Talk were Siyanatullah Khan, Ushree Gupta, Ankesh K Mishra, Rounak Kangrana. They shared their own experiences with the students and gave the Geekonix members the much-needed facts and figures of the present scenarios of IT industries. Not only will this help in the future, in a student’s career but this will also assist in choosing the right career paths for many. The interactive session involved questions regarding how to make an approach and be successful and face less difficulties dealing with issues that might come in the way of the present students in recent future. The feedback received from the members regarding this session has been positive and the students found the session extremely informative and useful. Episode 1 of the Geek X Talk was uploaded on YouTube and due to the positive response, we can expect more session to be held in the future. We thank the Geeks Alums for taking up and introducing the students to such an important and benevolent initiative.